Now Reading – Egil’s Saga

For our January 16th meeting, we are reading Egil’s Saga.

Egil Skallagrímmson was a Viking poet/settler/murderer/maniac whose tale is told in one of Iceland’s most riveting sagas (believed to have been scribed by Reykholt’s Snorri Sturluson). One of western literature’s earliest antiheroes, Egil is horrifically ugly, cruel, and prone to outrageous fits of violence. But he’s also a gifted poet, highly intelligent and loyal to his beliefs. (The above text came from this very cool site)

Yes this book is fucking old. Yes, you might not normally read this (Josh and dwarves excluded). But, it seems to be readable and probably good for the cold winter.

Thanks to the 16 guys who came to another record breaking attendance club last month. Our discussion of Dune gave me some insight into what I was reading and to its importance as a genre-former for world-developing sci-fi/fantasy.

If you’re new to the site or to bookclub and want to find out if we only read huge sci-fi books and ancient Viking maniac texts check out the Selections page to see a history of our range of reading picks. Remember, you don’t have to read the book. The discussions are good for either way.  Join us next month.

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