Baseball. America. Apocolypse.

Boys, here are some potential dates for a game. First pitch at 1:10 on a Sunday.   June 12 v. Padres June 26 v. D-Backs July 10 v. Phillies   I’m down for whatever. Reply with your feedback. Again, we can congregate near my house with transportation extremely local.

June’s selection is…..

       Great club, everyone. And cheers to the new guys, Brian and Jonathan, for joining. Jonathan will be providing next month’s choices. As was discussed, with story collections you don’t need to feel obliged to read the whole damn thing. If you do, awesome. But if you’re crunched for time (or just have a […]

June Picks!

Hi guys. Here are my picks for June reading. These are all short story collections. I don’t think we’ve read one in a while. Don’t let the number of pages be a deciding factor in your vote! I’ll explain why on Friday. Looking forward to clubbin’ hard at Morgan’s pad! See you soon. The Dead […]