Homo Deus – for rebel nonfiction book club

For those that read and liked “The Better Angels of Our Nature” (Um…just me and Jim?) – there is another book in a similar vein that goes a bit further.  “Homo Deus” has been getting a lot of press in the past few weeks – I just started it and it is very good.  The basics:

Throughout history, man has woke up each morning worrying about dealing with and not dying of one or more of three things:





Today – we have basically conquered all off them.  He goes through some stats showing that modern people have little to fear from any of those three things, at least in comparison to anyone who lived one hundred years ago or more.  So the question he asks is….what are we going to do with ourselves now?


I won’t spoil the book, but it really is a good thinker on how humanity is entering a new age of possibilities now that we don’t have to worry about dying young from the old “big three.”  We are really at the dawn of a new age.




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