stuff for tomorrow!

Yo, peeps.

So my address is 13630 Via Varra, but we’re in a complex of complexes. Mine is Terracina. There is a big fountain and roundabout out front and that is right where we’ll be meeting for games and hangs. Parking is to the left or right and you can park anywhere that’s open.  Club will be up in my place.

If you can, bring your beer in cans. I’m not sure the rules on glass in the commons area. Shouldn’t be a big deal either way.

I’ll be making sloppy joes. If anyone wants to bring chips or a snack that would be cool.

Call or text me if you have any trouble finding the place 720.288.9718




One thought on “stuff for tomorrow!

  1. If I was a bit too negative about the book I apologize, I was only trying to have fun. Wasn’t trying to incite any violence. It’s like my friend said:

    violence in the world has declined both in the long run and in the short run and some explanations as to why this has occurred.[1] The book contains a wealth of data simply documenting violence across time and geography. This paints a picture of massive declines in violence of all forms, from war, to improved treatment of children. He highlights the role of nation-state monopolies on force, of commerce (making “other people become more valuable alive than dead”), of increased literacy and communication (promoting empathy), as well as a rise in a rational problem-solving orientation as possible causes of this decline in violence. He notes that, paradoxically, our impression of violence has not tracked this decline, perhaps because of increased communication[2], and that further decline is not inevitable, but is contingent on forces harnessing our better motivations such as empathy and increases in reason.

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