Notes on Anthony Marra – Story 1: The Leopard – Leningrad, 1937

So, with Luke’s help, I’m hoping to kick up the conversation a bit, so I’m sharing some notes for conversation. From the Tsar of Love and Techno.

  • Artist first, censor second – first words
  • Humor: His nephew had his father’s forehead, “His future lay under a hat.”
  • Humor: “How could you kill yourself with underwear.”
  • Did he betray his own brother?? – “You prove your loyalty through betrayal.”
  • He told his nephew of the Tsar’s huge painting of the future of the country, used all the nation’s resources, got bigger and bigger, people went without under the huge painting of their glorious future.
  • False threat of his assistant who he was mean to.
  • Lunch break tunnel walks. To deal with censorship?
  • 2 sided painting in his home w/ leopard and Stalin.
  • Relates to 1984 etc as he is a censor/correction artist.
  • Painting his brother in everything.
  • Dancer’s hand.


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