Club is tonight! A Prisoner of the Caucasus and Title Story notes, by Anthony Marra, from The Tsar of Love and Techno

Quotes from this story:

  • “Koyla was eighteen when he saw stars for the first time. It had been his first night in Chechnya.”
  • Danilo and Kolya are prisoners of the old man, they build the landscape from the famous painting
  • “This well, this pit has become for him a burrow. He considers the endpoints of escape – reenlistment, death, home – and theĀ happiest outcome he can envision is this, right here, recaptured and resentenced to work a peaceful plot of land.”
  • Galina complains about not being in a Bond movie… how the world is so unfair.
  • pg 152 Galina about the film industry.
  • She touches his hand, “My nerve endings gasped.”
  • She wants to give the painting to Kolya’s brother

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