Dictator Steps Down

Hey boys,
       Katie and I have just accepted jobs teaching 2nd and 5th grade in Bucamarunga, Colombia starting August 1st. Its a two year contract. We finally signed up to do one of our crazy ideas. We’re moving the family to Colombia. Leaving in July.
       That brings up the Dictatorship. I need to pass on the iron throne. I met with the most of the Cabinet and we have a plan to break down the jobs and such. I’ll bring a plan of sorts to club this month. Book Club will live! And, of course, we should party hard, make shirts, hats, mugs, stickers, tattoos, branded condoms, or something particularly bookish, and etc. to celebrate the end of the dictatorship.
      Andrejs is allowing me to bring the picks this month. So, I’ll bring some awesome books. I will be able to come this month and in May, probably June too. I’ll plan to host in May.
Be ready to own your club and bring ideas for moving forward.
Next Book Club is April, 26th at Andrejs in Louisville. BE THERE.

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