Reading in Colombia + Alien Sex

Yes, I chose this headline to get your attention.

Hi all. I’m excited to be with you all at the December 20th Club. I bought the book on kindle and am starting it soon.

Since moving to Colombia in August, I’ve been reading a ton to pass the time, escape the constant sense of newness, and to relax.

  • Octavia Butler – Wow! I have loved reading these “speculative fiction” books that land near-sci-fi, and include time travel, alien-human sex, and tragically close to Trumpian reality stories. Fantastic reads, powerful writing. Catchy.
    • The Parable of the Sower
    • The Parable of the Talents
    • Kindred
    • The Patternist Series (4)
    • Xenogenesis Trilogy (Lilith’s Brood)!!!! AMAZING. READ!
  • N.K. Jemisin
    • The Broken Earth Trilogy (3 Hugo awards)
  • Monte Melnick – On the Road with the Ramones
  • Martha Wells – The Murderbot Diaries (1 and 2). – Awesome human/robot/mixed adventure
  • Geoff Rodkey – We’re Not From Here – Awesome audio book, kid friendly
  • Peter Brown – The Wild Robot and The Wild Robot Escapes – Kid friendly, great read for anyone
  • Tom Feiling – Short Walks from Bogota – still reading
  • Madeline Miller – Song of Achilles – reading today, gripping, loved her other book Circe.

…and some others. I’m doing a 40 book challenge with my students where I read a bunch of books in different genres, all 5th grade level books. I’ve enjoyed most of them…

Must Read. Get the first one.

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