History, How it Works, & the Vibe

This Book Club is about having a good discussion about anything under the sun, with each month’s book serving as a launching pad for conversation.

This Book Club has been meeting every month since the fall of 2011. Some of our picks have been good. Some have been… not so popular.  Check out a handful of our 90+ past selections here.  Sometimes the entire group ends up reading, sometimes only a handful. The great thing is, most people like to come whether or not they’ve read. The discussion covers the book and its details, a lot of rabbit trails and side conversations, is often irreverent, and it comes with dinner and drinks. We have web designers, lawyers, house husbands, cell phone salesmen, retirees, and teachers, with a current age range of about 21-65. All are welcome. Members = Men Who Show Up. You don’t have to read the book. And if you want to come and didn’t read the book, the conversation will still be interesting – it always is.

Meetings are on a Friday, and occur every month, about 4-5 weeks after the last one, and are listed on the website. Usually an email invitation goes out from the site, so register and you’ll know what’s happening.  Each club we select a book to read for the following month’s meeting, a member volunteers to host the club at his home, and a member is chosen by consensus to bring reading options (4) to the next club for group voting.

How many people will be there? Attendance varies. For the last several years, we have had 10-15 guys present each month.

When it’s your turn to pick…. There are good books, and there are good books for book club. Common considerations for rounding up 4 books to bring includes:

  • Would the book lead to a good discussion?
  • Readability/text flow.
  • Page count. Is it likely that very many will get through it?
  • Have we read anything like your choices recently? If yes, should we mix it up or continue a trend.
  • Would YOU actually read this during the month?
  • Remember, this is about the club, not about your obscure interest in Dodge Dart manuals or ancient Greek texts.
  • Run your choices by the club president and we’re ready for a vote at the next meeting.

Whatever we read, Book Club will be good. See you there.