October Reading

Bookclub had the best food Friday night. Jim’s burger sauce was amazing! 7 came and enjoyed. Our next club will be at Jeff’s (tentatively) on October 26. Our pick: Gilead – Robinson (256 pages)(The memories of a minister in Gilead, Iowa is dying of a heart condition and wants to pass along the things he […]

Sept 28 Picks for Voting

Tomorrow is Bookclub in Longmont at Jim’s house: 2696 Beech Circle, Longmont, CO 80503 @ 6:30. RSVP There, there –Orange (304) a large cast of Native Americans living in the area of Oakland, California, as they struggle with a wide array of challenges ranging from depression and  alcoholism, to unemployment, fetal alcohol syndrome, and the challenges of living with an ethnic […]

Picks for Friday voting

Sticking to the Pulitzer Price Winning Books Theme. 2 fiction 2 nonfiction. All as short as I could find them.  – Ryan Less Andrew Sean Greer 272 pages “Less is the funniest, smartest and most humane novel…. Greer writes sentences of arresting lyricism and beauty. His metaphors come at you like fireflies…. Less is a satirical comedy novel […]

August Picks – Bookclub is Tomorrow

Bookclub is tomorrow, Friday, July 27th at Andrew’s House in Longmont (1108 Sherman Street) at 6:30. He’s cooking brats. Bring drinks, veggies, chips, etc. Here are Quinn’s picks for voting. The Spider and the Fly by Claudia Rowe  (288 pages) In this superb work of literary true crime — a spellbinding combination of memoir and […]