Blake Crouch

Hey all! I just read Blake Crouch’s new book Recursion. He is the author of Dark Matter, a previous club pick. Recursion was amazing! Must read. Got The City We Became by N.K. Jemisin, our pick for this month. I had it reserved at the library and expected to get it in like six weeks. […]

Picks for Friday Voting

Club is at Erik’s house at 6:00 – get there when you can. 1313 Short Ct Louisville, CO 80027  RSVP Here are Andre’s picks for Friday voting. The Girl Next Door 370 pages Because “WARNING: For those of you that still have a tattered, fragmentary scrap of optimism for the inherent goodness of people, this book may […]

Dictator Steps Down

Hey boys,        Katie and I have just accepted jobs teaching 2nd and 5th grade in Bucamarunga, Colombia starting August 1st. Its a two year contract. We finally signed up to do one of our crazy ideas. We’re moving the family to Colombia. Leaving in July.        That brings up the […]