Picks for Friday Voting

Bookclub is 6:30 PM Friday, February 8th @ new guy Austin’s house: 221 S. Garfield St. #206, Denver, CO 80209. Here are the picks that Tim is bringing for us to vote on. Carpool. See you there! Hatchet by Gary Paulsen Born A Crime by Trevor Noah I Never Had It Made: Autobiography of Jackie Robinson […]

Picks for Friday Voting

Club is in Loveland at Mark’s house this Friday. Be there! Micheal Lewis The Fifth Risk Pages: 219 NF What are the consequences if the people given control over our government have no idea how it works? “The election happened,” remembers Elizabeth Sherwood-Randall, then deputy secretary of the Department of Energy. “And then there was […]

November reading – Radio Free Vermont by McKibben

Our pick for November is Radio Free Vermont – Fiction – by Bill McKibben: As the host of Radio Free Vermont–“underground, underpowered, and underfoot”–seventy-two-year-old Vern Barclay is currently broadcasting from an “undisclosed and double-secret location.”  Vern uses his radio show to advocate for a simple yet radical idea: an independent Vermont, one where the state secedes from […]

Picks for Friday Voting

Fiction about the AIDS crisis in Chicago, Vermont secession from the United States, and a contrast between the Industrial Age of John Henry and the Digital Age we live in today. Non-Fiction about people living self-sufficient lives in rural Japan. The Great Believers – Fiction – by Rebecca Makkai: Spanning thirty years, The Great Believers […]

October Reading

Bookclub had the best food Friday night. Jim’s burger sauce was amazing! 7 came and enjoyed. Our next club will be at Jeff’s (tentatively) on October 26. Our pick: Gilead – Robinson (256 pages)(The memories of a minister in Gilead, Iowa is dying of a heart condition and wants to pass along the things he […]